Congratulations!  now that you have reached the more serious part of this blog. You are probably asking yourself. What is bitcoin?

Before you plunge into bitcoin, try to familiarize yourself.

What is bitcoin?

noun: bitcoin; plural noun: bitcoins
  1. a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank.
    "I know that bitcoin is destined to succeed as the global currency"
    • a unit of bitcoin.
    • "bitcoins can be used for online transactions between individuals"

What is a wallet?

You  need a wallet to store your bitcoins, Your bitcoin wallet will allow you to transact bitcoins with everyone.

Click the image to get your own bitcoin wallet:
HTML tutorial

What is mining?

In order to get free bitcoins without mining which is hardware dependent , Click the following images:

Trusted Faucets

Moon Bitcoin

Bitcoin Aliens
Fields Bitcoins
Free Bitcoin

Trusted Mining Contracts

Genesis Mining code:


HashFlare Mining Code:



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