A place to sit and think

"toto "

Let's Seat and Think

" The Thinkers"

The Thinkers

"Let's  Seat and Think"

Trust me i'm an engineer

"i'm also a balancer"

Trust me I'm an Engineer

"I'm also a driver"

Trust Me I'm an Enginner

"I'm also a mason"



Free wifi


Give me access

click me

"wifi carabao"



7-11 wtf

"ftw 7-11"



Thug Sisters

"To the kitchen"

Hang Girl

"hang her to the kitchen "

Sorority sisters

"to the kitchen"

Hanging egg

"Suspended egg"

Egg fight

"future fighters"

Egg plant

"Fresh eggs"

Carnivorous Meal

"Bacon Fatality"

See through bacon

"Bacon  Fatality"

Woman Vs Lee


You're doing it wrong

"cold cow syndrome"

You're doing it wrong

"Pool Umbrella"

You're doing it wrong

"Stop, You're Doing It Wrong"

Yet No fuck was given that day

"None of my business"

Majestic as F@ck

"Awesome cate"

Majestic as f@ck

"heterochromia  cate"

Mjölnir burger

"Hammer burger"

Crazy burger

"insane burger"