"the extra passenger"


"extra passengers"


No overloading

" overloaded"

Cute car

"Cute cab"

Fake pool

"lookat at the cute doggo"

Cuteness Overload

"Onward doggo "

Hell hath no fury

"..like a woman scorned"

Hell Hath No Fury

"Like a woman scorned"

A woman scorned

"Hell hath no fury"

If it Looks Stupid But Works

"It Ain't Stupid"

This Is How I Protect My Virginity

"My virginity is protected!"

Meanwhile at the Jeepney

"COC jeepney"

Bee brother watches

"Big brother watches you"

Meanwhile at the Barber Shop

"Say no more"

Meanwhile at the Basketball Game

"ice water"

It's Cool In Here

"How your refrigerator has kept you cool "

Grateful dead remembered

"Cool bacon"

My virginity is protected

"Involuntary abstinence"

Cool story bro

"How did you know i'm a moneyhead"

Soup bowl

"One guy, No cup"

Big Growling cat

"Roaring feline"

Handsome fowl

click me

"Outrageously handsome chicken......."

"......Is now a kfc ambassador"

National Fruit

"Patriotic fruit"

Various produce

"Fruit salad"

Giant starfruit


Toddler washing machine

"Washing Machine Kid"

Feel good in a clean car

"Professional carwashing"

Washing my Toy

" Needs a Bath"

Another Kryptonian Guy

"Spoiler Alert"

Justice served

"Kryptonian service"