Dirty dog and owner

"dog and owner wash"

Toddler washing machine

"Washing Machine Kid"

The New Dishwasher


Bacon gape

"I love cholesterol"

KFC Love

"I love cholesterol"

Bacon mouth to mouth

"I love cholesterol"

Comic strips


Chowking Logan

"Adamantium Chopstick"

Cool comics

"League on a budget"

Trolling your classmate

"annoying your classmate"

We all have that one classmate

"who always does this"

Miniature level: Master

"The code"

Sticko Sandwich

"I love diabetes"

Post stick car

"stick it anywhere"

Stick Man

"Slender man on vacation"

hand washing

"Hand Hygiene"

Hover Hand

"it hovers"

Hand fist

"Road rage"

Cat Drinking Out of Water Gun

"Thirsty  meh"

Blow dryer gun

"Heat gun"

Old lady with gun

"Granny gunner"

The Slacker

"Be less busy"

The next blockbuster

"busy filming"

The Slacker

"Be less busy"