Like a boss

"boss like a boss"

Like a boss

"I'm the man"

Like a boss

"jeepney tow"

Kangaroo doggos

"not photoshopped"

Rare Tiger Doggo Spotted

"Stripe doggo"

Rare Kangaroo doggo


Bitch Please, I'm Fabulous

"Posing with dyesebel"

Yes officer?

" pissing at the traffic officer"

Eyes eggs

"For Your Eggs only"

Majestic as F@ck

"awesome beast"

If you remember him

"...Your childhood was awesome"

Your childhood was awesome ........

"......if you remember this"

Like father,like son


UFC Home edition

click me

"Relax the father is trolling"

Mother and child

"who's the father?"

Paper scissors rock

"puny human loss"


Listen to rock

"rock music"

Rock music

"Listening to Rock"

OMG Stop killing the bacon!

"It's already dead"

Dressed to kill

"Dressed to the teeth"

Lolong the Great

click me

click me

"What really killed "Lolong?"

Did he dieded?

click me

"Shit happens"

Did he dieded?

"did he death?"


"Did she dieded"

Shit just got real

"random guy dumping"

Shit just got real

"this shit just got unreal"

When You See It



"Cute ghost"

Afraid of women

" Men Are afraid of women"

Like a scarecrow

" scarecrow is on leave"